Saturday, June 12, 2010

1 Down 2 to go!!

Hello :)

So i had my first exams yesterday - went ok, will be the worst out of three though, so glad that paper is over!!! It was horrible!! Lol.
So DD drew all over her walls and sheets last night ugh.... Naughty little brat! i love her to pieces but she can be soooo naughty sometimes!! Must just be an age thing huh?

Still slight spotting...Keep forgetting to take the pills I've been perscribed though....hmm.

7 days until my normal period should come! Woohoo!! Haven't peed on anymore OPKS lol, I've been able to keep myelf under control!!

Will update this when I have more news as so far there is not alot to tell!!

Until next time.....

Mrs Splikit xx

1 comment:

  1. Ah, exams and papers, so annoying, yet needed. LOL

    Maybe because I don't have any yet, but the thought of my kid drawing on the walls and sheets would make me laugh.LOL It sounds first! I hope you could get it all off!