Saturday, June 12, 2010

1 Down 2 to go!!

Hello :)

So i had my first exams yesterday - went ok, will be the worst out of three though, so glad that paper is over!!! It was horrible!! Lol.
So DD drew all over her walls and sheets last night ugh.... Naughty little brat! i love her to pieces but she can be soooo naughty sometimes!! Must just be an age thing huh?

Still slight spotting...Keep forgetting to take the pills I've been perscribed though....hmm.

7 days until my normal period should come! Woohoo!! Haven't peed on anymore OPKS lol, I've been able to keep myelf under control!!

Will update this when I have more news as so far there is not alot to tell!!

Until next time.....

Mrs Splikit xx

Friday, June 11, 2010

Nervous Excitement/Nerves....

I know this should really all be about TTC, but I feel like other parts of my life need to be written down here also, so that it is complete. DP, DD and I all live in a cold house at the moment, and in 2 weeks time we have to move yay! (we found someone to take over our lease so we can find somewhere else). We are going to find a place with my friend Sam and her 2 boys. This amazing house came up for rent today, its MASSIVE and has everythhing we want, BUT its $10 more per week than what we pay now....Hmmm...the whole point of this was to save $$ and be warmer. Do we go for it? I mean the house is fantastic and in a great area with HEAPS of sun, but I don't know.......Its so hard to decide!

Back to TTC........................

I peed on an OPK last night...LOL i know POAS addict right???!?!? I'm on progestin pills, I knew it would be negative, but I had to pee on something, LOL i hadn't in soooo long. Anyway that is out of my system now, bring on CD1!!!

First exam is in 4 hours! ARGH! Should probably do some last minute cramming!!

Until next time.....

Love, Mrs Splikit xoxo

11th June 2010 First Blog Post

Kia Ora everyone,

I decided to write a blog on our TTC Journey. So i'm new to this...BARE WITH ME! I think its a brilliant idea to put pen to paper so to speak and keep track of our jorney into becoming parents for the second time. Its 9:36 pm on Friday night, I'm actually meant to be studying for my exam tomorrow afternoon. Wow, whata great procrastinator I am!
DP (Hemi) and I have been TTC since April 2010. We recently suffered a loss, and I am halfway thhrough my progestin pills to stop my bleeding. So my next AF is due 20th June, CD1, I am so happy that I can finally have CD1 again! After bleeding for a month you get REALLY sick of not being able to start counting!
My cycles are usually 29 days long, and I usually 'O' on day 15. I have OPKs this cycle too, I bought 5 for $3.50 including Trade Me, so I'm excited about that as I have something else to pee on!! hehe
Our little girl Aimee (3) does not know that we are TTC and neither does anyone else (apart from the odd close friend), but no family know and we are trying to keep it that way until there is something to tell.
I have joined the AMAZING girls at The Mommy Playbook, it is an amazing place to post any fears, frustrations, excitments - well absolutely anything at all, and I have made some wonderful friends.
So effectively I'm at this stage waiting to TTC...only 9 more days until CD1!! Yay :)

Hopefully I'm planning on updating this everyday (haha), but we'll see.....

Thanks to all those in blog land for listening,

Until next time....

Love, Mrs Splikit